Thoughts on Nascetta?

Piemonte is without a doubt home of some of the best red wines in the world, but what about its whites? Producers keep trying their hands on a few native grapes with the intent of making a great Piemontese white. Nascetta is a white grape whose origins date back to the late 1800s in the village of Novello, that is now proudly supporting its rebirth. In the past it was appreciated for its aromatic qualities and made mostly into sweet wine from dried grapes (you may not know it, but dry wine is a somewhat recent invention). Its fickle and unstable nature as a grape, together with the rise of Nebbiolo, made it almost disappear during the 20th century, with some plants surviving among other varieties, hiding among a few lines of vines. In the 90s, a group of producers from Novello placed their bet on Nascetta, using their expertise to make a high quality white that could stand up to the fame of their reds.

We’ve tried many version of Nascetta, Enrico’s is partially vinified and macerates in terracotta and concrete tanks for a few months. It’s very fresh and has a very interesting texture.

Have you tried Nascetta before? What are your thoughts?

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