Which Piemonte grape is Ormeasco, a Ligurian wine, made of?

When in Italy, always stop at wineries to explore the local flare! the diversity of grapes, styles and traditions is mind blowing 🤯

On our way to the beach we stopped in Ormea to pick up some local Ormeasco di Pornassio, a DOC which can be considered a mountain wine for its elevation and viticulture. Nirasca winery grows only 3,5 hectares of vineyard in a stunning location on the Alps between Liguria and Piemonte.

Ormeasco is typically a very easy-drinking wine with good freshness and very bright fruit tones, we loved it with our focaccia, some salame and mountain cheese.

The grape used for Ormeasco is a famous native grape from Piemonte, do you want to guess which one? 🍷🧐

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