Have you been good this year? Are you already working on new year’s resolutions? We have a story that might help!
Natale and GianMaria Fantino apparently were not: in 2010 bureaucratic red-tape and a series of miscommunications led to the Fantino brothers missing the deadline to have their 2005 Barolo Riserva certified. The decided to stay out of any type of certification and labeled the wine Laboro Disubbidiente. “Laboro”, an anagram from Barolo, stands for the “hard work” put into the making of the wine. “Disubbidiente” means disobedient, referring to the brothers’ act of rebellion against the Barolo appellation. The label was designed by Sergio Staino, an Italian comics artist and writer. Following the success of the 2005 vintage, the Fantino brothers decided to continue producing wine in the tradition style of the original “Disobedient”. They might not be “good” to the eyes of the Barolo appellation, but they certainly were to their own identity and their passion.