Cascina Baricchi for summer

Cascina Baricchi for summer

Name 2 summer-wines you think we should try!

The sun has officially arrived in Langhe, it’s time to bring out the glu-glu stuff! Natale and Francesca from Cascina Baricchi are among the first people we met when we moved to Alba from California, thanks to our neighbour who was one of their biggest fans.

The winery is in Neviglie and they make some of the best wines we’ve ever tried: Natale learned most of what he knows in France so their winemaking is free from Piemontese preconceptions and they certainly swim against the current when it comes to denominations, rules and whatnot 🎸

I’ve got to say they went very far in the last years, we’re so proud of them and very happy for having them in our Wine Club selection 🙌🏻

Taste some Johnny Gambato for a pet-nat, raw, crazy fresh Piemontese experience and put some Alastor in the fridge for some carbonic maceration, crunchy bright red bliss 🍇🍾

Name 2 summer wines you think we should try!

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