Perno is a small hamlet in the heart of the Barolo valley, its beautiful and somewhat secretive castle is a very important piece for Italian literature. During the 20th century, it hosted the Einaudi publishing company and it was the literary retreat of some of the most important writers such as Calvino, Pavese and Primo Levi.

The castle was closed for many years, until Gregorio Gitti, professor of civil law at the University of Milan and lawyer, purchased in 2012 with a double intent: restoring its cultural role as an artistic location while creating a state-of-the-art winery and destination.

We were invited by Castello di Perno to taste the wines and visit the property and we’re very happy to support and collaborate with such an incredible project.

The wines are made by our very talented friend @gianluca_colombovini and the Castle is gorgeous, so join our Wine Club, wait for the wines, and come see the Castle!