Canary Islands’ wines!

Canary Islands’ wines!
07/06/21Wine travels

Rock’n’roll wines from the Canary Islands 🤟🏻

Name the first rock’n’roll winery that comes to mind!

In our most recent Flash Sale we featured Envínate wines (aka wine-yourself), the result of four friends who met while studying oenology at the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante. Their work is currently focused on exploring the ancient, Atlantic-infused terruños of Ribeira Sacra, Canary Islands, Extremadura and Almansa. Their philosophy is simple: let each single parcel fully express itself through old-fashioned farming and wine-making methods.

Their Canary Islands project is the most extreme and absolutely marvellous: making natural wine on a completely volcanic island swept by the Atlantic winds, no use of chemicals and little to none machinery.

All parcels are picked by hand, the vineyards are all pre-philloxera and the wines are fermented exclusively with wild yeasts, with a varying proportion of whole grape clusters included. The wines age in old barrels and concrete, and sulfur is only added at bottling, if needed.

The results are some of the most exciting and honest wines being produced in Spain today. Rock’n’roll wines that smell like the ocean and taste like granite. To be poured fridge cold.

Name the first rock’n’roll winemaker that comes to mind!

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