Is there a correlation between winemakers and their wine? And, is it possible that different grapes, planted in different continents and farmed by different people may still resemble one another in the essence of their outcome?
For many reasons, tasting Philip Togni’s Cabernet Sauvignon on top of Spring Mountain reminded us of Flavio Roddolo and his Barolo from Monforte d’Alba: the integrity, the passion, the sharp look in their eyes and their introverted character.
Wine is a such a magical world, and sometimes you find yourself trying to express things that are very hard to explain, but very easy to taste and feel.
Being a part of it is such a blessing, and sharing it with others is even better.
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In the photo:

Philip Togni – Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Flavio Roddolo – Barolo 2010