Wine Tour in Langhe

Foraging & Nomadic Honey Tasting


  • A hike, a tasting and a class on ancient knowledge.
  • Light lunch with wine included
  • Up to 4 hours of experience

300€ per person

Foraging and nomadic honey tasting

This hand-on experience is designed to observe and demonstrate the importance of biodiversity in its contemporary form.

The beauty and the fame of the Barolo and Barbaresco valleys are a direct result of the wine culture and heritage of the area. When exploring around the two valleys, in the territories of Roero, Monferrato and Alta Langa, you will become aware of a unique complexity of woods, rivers, creeks, wild animals and plants.

You will follow a modern alchemist and forager through the woods, picking spontaneous herbs and wild products of the earth.

You will learn about the importance of nomadic beekeeping, a technique that sees the hives transported in remote areas following the principle of “different flowers, different honey”.

Foraging is the act and art of searching for food in the nature, an ancient and primeval human skill. Edible herbs, roots and flowers grow in our woods and since the beginning of time our ancestors have collected them to cure and sustain themselves.

We treasured their knowledge and share it through this experience.

Nomadic beekeeping is a honey-making philosophy through which the bees are physically travelling to the mountains and remote, wild areas. Rare flowers contribute to their wellbeing and the resulting honey shows unique taste and health-qualities.

The honey you will taste through this experience is 100% natural and produced in areas that have a minimum of 3 miles of pristine, untouched woods around it.

Pier was awesome!

Pier at one on the hill was so fantastic!!!!! He was not only a wine tour guide but treated us like a friend. We loved our experience and can not wait to return to Alba & visit more vineyards with Pier and his team. Alba was surprisingly exceptional and we have a new respect for their grapes, food & people! Look forward to seeing you all again soon :)

MelAntJuly 26, 2019