We are blind tasting a lot these days, mostly on our own, to challenge our skills but also to really taste the wines that producers from all over decide to kindly share with us.

Chiara tasted this Valfaccenda Roero 2016 and said something like “It’s Nebbiolo, it has the finesse and the elegance of La Morra and Verduno but it’s salty, it’s got to be Roero”.
We both agreed the wine was exceptional, vibrant and full of energy, delicate, precise and very easy to drink.
Congrats to Luca and Carolina who rolled up their sleeves in 2004 and started their adventure from scratch in an area that simply was recognised as being “outside the Barolo and Barbaresco” and that now keeps surprising us for the quality of the wines and the people.

We go through a lot of wines and this is one the best I’ve had in months.
Yes, this will be in our selection.
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