It’s Summer Solstice! Which bottle are you opening?

Since the beginnings of time, human kind has regarded this time of the year as a very important moment: the whole Stonehenge site is oriented towards sunrise on this day and the fact that it was built around 3000 BC baffles me every time I think about it. Pretty much any country has an old celebrative tradition connected to this astronomical event.
In a way or another, we are all dependent on this big rotating sphere spinning around the universe and today is a good day to remember:

– how unbelievably lucky we are to be on this unique combination of matter, time and space
– that we are all a part of it
– that we are all connected to it, whether we like it or not
– that there is no other option (I like Mars but sorry Elon there’s no match)

Grab a bottle of wine, go to a park or anywhere green, take your shoes off.

Happy Summer Solstice!
(also happy Winter if you’re upside down)

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