What a great hospitality @scarpawine. We knew only some of the wines from previous tastings and restaurant adventures, so we decided to pay them a visit to introduce our Wine Club project. This was the line up: ⁣

Barbera – Cascina scarpa 2016⁣
Barbera – La Bogliona 2012⁣
Brachetto – La selva di Moirano (dry style braccetto, I’ve been drinking it for 2 days straight at fridge temperature, it’s too good to be true)⁣
Barbera – I Bricchi 2012⁣
Barolo – Tetti Morra 2013⁣
Barbaresco – Tettineive 2015⁣
Barbera – Bricchi di Castelrocchero 1996 (one of the best old Barbera I’ve had in a long time)⁣
Barbaresco – Podere Barberis 1982⁣

If you were in the Wine Club and you could select 2-3 of your next wines from here, what would you pick? ⁣