Have you had Luca Roagna yet?
5th generation producer from Barbaresco, the Roagna family has always farmed the land and made extremely classic wines, they are considered to be among the first pioneers of high-quality winemaking in Piemonte, if not in the country. We were invited to visit his cellar and it was a pleasure to learn about their wines.
The Roagna Manifesto defines their philosophy in 10 points:

1) Old vines located in historic vineyards
2) Massale Selection – No Clones – Single Vineyard Wines
3) Biodiversity, No herbicides, No Pesticides, No Fertilizers
4) Maturity at Harvest
5) Wild yeast fermentation
6) Long aging in large oak casks
7) Bottling using low sulfur and no filtration or fining
8) Long maceration using a submerged cap
9) Family tradition
10) Purity from the terroir without any oak flavor

They also shot a beautiful short film which is linked below about their approach to winemaking.
Pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back for 8 minutes, then email us to get some great stuff shipped to your door!