If you are a part of that very cool group of people that receive our newsletter then you have probably read our latest post and participated in the flash sale about the Ruffino family. The old-school winery is in Varigotti, a beautiful fishermen village in Liguria, with colorful homes that practically touch the water, the best focaccia and lots of secret hikes all around it. Basically, one our favorite places on the planet.

The Ruffino family still does what everyone used to do back in 1930s: a little bit of land, olive trees, some chickens and of course, wine. The vineyards are planted in what we call “heroic” conditions, on very steep, almost vertical hills facing the water. They still produce some extremely old varietal like Rossese, Pigato, Mataoussu and Cruvin (the only one left in the world) that deserve to be recognised and tasted.

We are particularly fond of the Rossese: nebbiolo-looking color, very bright with a beautiful nose of red fruits, spices, and a unique marine/salty/sandy nuance. Low alcohol, high acidity, just perfect for summer.

Who said you can’t drink red wine during summer?