As you could probably tell, we had an absolute blast in Norway this past week. It was our first time in the country and it exceeded all expectations: the food, the wine, the people AND the weather!

This post is a thank you to all our Scandinavian friends who made us feel at home even before landing. Local tips, wine people we should meet, flats to crash into, the love was real and that’s what it’s all about.

Now we’re back to Nebbiolo land to work on our next Wine Club shipment (sign up before it’s too late), our Experiences and our Youtube channel.

One last consideration:
GET YOUR VACCINE AND START TRAVELLING, we were unsure about this international trip being the first one after the pandemic but we had no issues at all. We felt safe, we wore masks when we needed to and finally getting to see a new portion of this magnificent planet we live on felt amazing.

Pack your bags and carpe diem!

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