How we came up with Oneonthehill

Everything started with a bottle of wine, a completely white canvas and some oil colors. It was our second date and we decided to do something fun: painting on the same canvas without speaking in order to explore a different type of communication.
Some shapes and forms were hard to understand, but others were crystal clear, like a green hill with two people looking at each other, a sunset and musical note.
I had put on a playlist, which at one point shuffled a Beatles song called “The fool on the hill”. It’s a great piece by John Lennon and Paul McCartney whose lyrics I have always connected to for their alternative perspective on life, and that eventually turned out to be somewhat prophetic in our following years.

Play the song, take a look at the painting and think of a very young and innocent version of me and Chiara leaving our country with 0 expectations, no money and no business idea whatsoever.

What do you think? Are we the fools on the hill? 🤪😬

Also, don’t forget the wine 🍷

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