Harvest is pretty much over here in Langhe, most grapes are already in vat and have begun their journey: they will patiently wait until someone will decide to pull that cork and enjoy a great glass of wine.
Speaking with winemakers and living in the area I think it’s pretty safe to say that another potential great vintage has been added to the list, I really look forward to tasting some 2020 soon.

Piemonte is entering that time of the year during which sometimes you have a hard time believing you’re not looking at a painting, and to make it even more fun these tiny leftover grapes are hanging from the vineyards, providing free illegal snacks (by far the best) to anyone who passes by.

In the past, they were used by less fortunate people to make their own wine, simply eaten as grapes or cugnà, a jam that mixes grapes, nuts, other fruits and spices.

These cute leftover grapes borrow their name from a Saint, do you know it?

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