In a recent interview we were asked what part of our job we enjoyed the most, and considering that we have built and now run our own business, it was not easy to pick. Chiara takes care of all the homes that we manage, which means designing the space, meeting the guests and keeping home owners in the loop. I focus on the experiences (wine tours, private dinners) and the wine selection, which is probably my favorite thing: meeting all these incredible winemakers and families that we are blessed to be surrounded by is a dream come true. It requires a lot of time and energy: we visit and develop a relationship, sometimes a great friendship, which each and every one of them, because we want to convey the narrative of our land in the best way possible. I am very grateful for being able to cultivate my passion and to share it with other people, which is the reason why our selection is so thorough and will keep getting better as we progress in our wine journey.
Come join us, there’s so much more to come!