Giuseppe Rinaldi aka Citrico was one of my first tastings along my wine journey. Barolo is only an hour and half from Torino, and on my very first visit to the village we decided to stop by to meet the man himself.
We had called the day before, even though at the time you didn’t really need an appointment: you could just show up and try your luck.
Beppe was waiting for us outside when we arrived and I remember his first question being “are you sure you really like wine?”. My 20something years old self was probably not wise enough to understand the full extent of the question and simply replied “yes, I think I do”. The tasting was very casual and not at all technical (we certainly did not have the knowledge and the experience at the time) but I was struck by his benevolence and good mood, quite opposite to the way his character was generally described. I also remember him very eloquent and sharp as we briefly discussed politics and the “artistic nature” of wine, one of my all time favorite subjects.
Today, with the winery run by his daughters, is an iconic figure among wine lovers, representing Barolo, Langhe, Piemonte and Italy at large, worldwide. I am extremely grateful for that afternoon with him and for being able to now contribute to his work with our Wine Club.
There’s very little Giuseppe Rinaldi’s wine, definitely not enough for everyone, so join us to get some