5 Piemonte wines to buy right now

A few tips for your Piemonte "to buy" list.

These 5 producers are a perfect example of what our Wine Club shipment looks like and will help you explore past the classic Barolo and Barbaresco wines you love.

Alberto Oggero - Sandro

Alberto Oggero is a producer from Roero, an area north of Alba, famous for producing a white grape called arneis as well as our favorite grape: Nebbiolo (the same the goes into Barolo and Barbaresco). Here, the terroir is very different and Nebbiolo-based wines have a completely different expression. This Sandro is a great example: very expressive nose, floral, fruity and very easy to drink. Much lighter and less pretentious than a Barolo from Serralunga, it’s very versatile in terms of pairing and (dramatic pause) you can keep it in the fridge.

Philine Isabelle - Dolcetto

Philine is a German, biodynamic winemaker from Barolo, she’s considered to be one of the best recent additions to the panorama of the Langhe. This wine is a Dolcetto, a local grape that is possibly the dearest of all to the old farmers of the area and possibly the most Piemontese of all. Rustic, fruity and tonnic it’s the perfect companion for a slice of salame and a Sunday picnic in the countryside.

Burlotto Pelaverga

Iconic producer from Verduno, one of the eleven villages in the Barolo valley. Wine pioneers already in the 19th century, the old Patriarch Gibi Burlotto was the official supplier of the Royal House of Savoia. This is a Pelaverga, a rare grape from Verduno, extremely local and produced in very limited quantity. It’s a unique wine with great finesse and a very spicy, sometimes peppery nose.

Franco Patriarca Gattinara

This is from an area that we call Alto Piemonte, roughly 2 hours north of Alba, that has been going through a renaissance. Also Nebbiolo land but with very different geological history and terroir, some of the denominations of the area here, like Gattinara, sit on volcanic soil. The wines from this area have unique mineral tones. Old school artisan, Franco Patriarca makes wine is a cellar that is as big as our basement, his wines are as rare as it gets. Personality, character and great potential for ageing.

Braccia Rese Pinq

This is a petnat, a sparkling method that pre-dates the so called champenoise method (the one used for Champagne) Rather than induce a second fermentation in the bottle to create the bubbles, as Champagne producers do, makers of pét-nat simply bottle the wine before the initial fermentation has ended. The grape is Quagliano, an almost forgotten grape from the area of Busca, near Cuneo and the winery is called Braccia Rese, a brand new project of talented young winemakers making super fun wines and revolutionising the farming world around them (watch the video).

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