Gattinara Nervi

Gattinara Nervi

Ever heard of Gattinara?

You certainly have if you’re in our Wine Club, our selection started venturing north, in an area generally called Alto Piemonte, already two years ago. This is one of the few other wine regions in the world where small, artisanal producers farm nebbiolo grapes that are then named after the village they come from: Gattinara, Boca, Ghemme, Sizzano, Fara, Lessona and others. Spectacular wines and terroirs that are just waiting to be discovered 🧐🌍

The hype is so real that (and also thanks to) Roberto Conterno from Giacomo Conterno winery, one of the top Barolo producers, recently decided to expand into the region with his new Nervi wines.

We made you thirsty and now you’d like to try a Gattinara?

If you’re in the Club, just look into your cellar 😉

If you’re not, join us immediately!

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