What a terrific visit yesterday at Cesare Bussolo in La Morra. I love those meetings that are supposed to be over at 4.30pm and suddenly you realise you are still in the cellar tasting and talking about wine at 2 hours and a half later.
Cesare has been Roberto Voerzio’s right hand for the last 10 years and recently started making his own wine. I was struck by his passion, his knowledge and the integrity of his philosophy, which is what I appreciate the most when talking about vineyard management and winemaking. From my point of view, it’s very similar to art: it doesn’t really matter if you’re singing, acting, sculpting, using brushes, pencils, barriques, big botti or how many days you are macerating your wines. As long as your message has a clear and honest voice that speaks your truth, it is worth listening to.
I found Cesare’s voice to be crystal clear, and I believe there’s a strong need for people like him these days.
I found his wines to be exceptional, and they will certainly be added to our selection.