We all know how difficult wine can be, you walk into a store, a wine store in the best case, and there are so many options, so many regions, grapes, styles: most of the times, if the price is right, you end up picking the label you like the most. It’s like the lottery.
During our time in California, at every dinner with friends the phrase “You’re the Somm from Piemonte, bring Barolo!” would come up inevitably. I remember looking for my favorite Barolo and Barbaresco: you know, the really good stuff that has people saying “Wow, I’ve never even heard of this”, but the selection was most of the times barely acceptable, as it is in 99% of places outside of our region.
This and many other experiences led to the idea of a Wine Club that could tell the story of the land and the people who farm it, the essence of a terroir so old and so culturally rich. We wanted to build one to one relations, direct to consumer, to create something more meaningful than just a cold online transaction.
Oneonthehill is now a beautiful, strong wine community based in Alba. If you like what you’ve just read, join us ?

In the photo:

Aldo Conterno – Barolo Cicala 2015