We are happy to share this new concept with the idea of making our Wine Club selection even more interactive. We spent a day with Tommaso at Asotom cellar, one of the most artistic personalities of our portfolio: a winemaker who consider himself “a grower of dreams” in Castelletto Merli, a small fraction in the Monferrato area.
Tommaso’s winemaking philosophy is very thorough and fascinating: everything he makes he considers to be “personal” to his own taste and the result of his own experience. “I am the land” he says, because his unique approach and interpretation can provide one and only one possible narrative for each wine at a specific time and place. The grape, the land, the vintage, the terroir are the canvas on which Tommaso freely expresses his vision and his winemaking. Tommaso has been experimenting since 2004 with international varietals as well as old native Piedmontese grapes.
As most of our Wine Club wines, Tommaso’s are not exported, so reach out to us in case you need to taste some!