An Ode to Nebbiolo

It you had one grape to pick for your vineyard, which one would it be?

I guess we all have to be thankful for Nebbiolo here in Piemonte for making this area one of the best winemaking regions in the world. There is no great wine without a great grape, and we can certainly say that Nebbiolo is one of the superstars. Freshness, structure, the incredible combination of power and elegance, the great longevity and a somewhat austere character. When it comes to genetics, Nebbiolo is pretty hard to beat.
Its best skill though, remains the ability of “reading and showcasing the land”. The best winemakers, the ones we like to feature in our Wine Club selection, understand the nature of the grape, combine it with the diversity in the soil and the geology of the area to create something beautiful and unique.

“Imagine a Piedmontese farmer
bent towards a newborn vine
dreaming of a bountiful harvest

with cold hands and very old boots
his best wine
smells like the hills around him
and the terra beneath him”

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