We find beauty in friendship and in sharing our values. Born in Piemontese land, the partnership between Alberto Olivero and Oneonthehill is based on a profound respect for the land and a tailor-made, sustainable lifestyle. Beautiful things do not harm the planet. The farming and the artisanal heritage that surround us, built year after year, generation after generation, is the blueprint that inspires this collaboration. Their passion, experience and work ethic are mirrored in Alberto Olivero’s creations and Oneonthehill’s wine selections. Each detail and nuance is a testimony of our expertise. The love and pursuit of quality leads to exciting experiences and long-lasting memories. 

We dedicate energy and time to research our raw materials and products, the entire line of production follows strict organic and ethical rules. From the producer to the final consumer, we tell a unique story that creates a new experience time after time. We put our heart into it, we want you to feel our passion and part of a community of people that love the Italian lifestyle, beauty and flavourful things. 

This is just the beginning, stay tuned to see what this collaboration has in store for you. Omnia cum tempore. 



Alberto Olivero – prodotti di design, fatti a mano in Italia