Who are we?
Oneonthehill’s recap for those that don’t know our story! Sorry for eventual typos in this stream of consciousness, I am posting this without reviewing. Let us know if any of this resonates with you in any way!

We met in Torino 9 years ago, I was writing my MA thesis while playing some punk-rock, Chiara was singing with a band and working two jobs to support her soprano studies.
We don’t come from wine families, my grandparents in Sardinia had a vineyard just like pretty much any farmer at the time, but then they moved to Torino when my dad was very young, so I did not grow up surrounded by vineyards.
Nonetheless, we both had a passion for wine, so we joined the Sommelier school in Torino, passed the test and started working for restaurants and wine shops.

The restaurant world was not for us, so we packed our bags and left the country: left our bands, friends, jobs, everything.

We found a new home in Sonoma County, California, and new jobs @garyfarrellwinery @castellodiamorosa
California was a completely different world that taught us so much, from both a professional and personal perspective.

After some time in Sonoma, we were ready for a new adventure that would put together our creativity, our love for wine and the idea of community.

In 2018 we started Oneonthehill, a worldwide Wine Community based in Alba: we started with creating a Wine Club, that ships the best, coolest wines direct to consumer, with the intent of sharing the story and the magic behind each bottle.
Then we set up a few Airbnbs and food&wine experiences in the area to showcase the local flare in the best possible way.

After 18 months of business, the world stopped because of COVID-19: our Airbnbs were empty, nobody was booking our tours, but the Wine Club, made of amazing people all over Europe and US, supported us for over a year.

Today is Friday, June 18th 2021, we have so many exciting projects, so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to, but I guess this is enough for you to catch up on our story.

there’s a lot more to share but we’ve got a YouTube Channel for that 🤙🏻