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The vast majority of producers in Piemonte sprouted from families that have pretty much always been in the area, farming and trying to survive, and now simply benefit from not having to purchase any land or a wine-making facility. Simone Scaletta had none of that: born in Torino and majored in Political Sciences, he decided to drop his city life to move out to the hills. Making wine had always been his dream, but he had no land, no financial back-up or any kind of support. In 2002 he found an interesting piece of land in Monforte, with a battered house in the middle on which he invested all his money and energy. Simone lived in a trailer on the property for the first 5 years, waiting for the house to be remodelled, this is the extent to which sometimes the passion for wine can transform someone’s life.
Simone’s approach to winemaking is based on respect for the land. All his efforts go into the use of natural techniques which favour manual labour and natural agronomic methods, while keeping mechanical intervention at a minimum in the vineyard. His viticulture is extra careful about the soil quality, the area biodiversity, the environmental sustainability and the landscape.
I believe some of that love and passion must have been transmitted to wines, that are full of energy and very gentle, just like Simone. His Nebbiolo is particularly feminine and floral to be from Monforte (the vineyard has a little more sand than a regular vineyard from there) but it also has good body and freshness. Barbera Sarsera is exuberant, round and powerful, while the Barolo Chirlet shows all the potential of a great Monforte vineyard: elegance, power and complexity.
The house is now finished, Simone was able to sell the trailer and just finished his beautiful tasting room. He personally invited all of our Wine Club members over, so make sure you are booking your flight to Langhe for next year!

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