Pierandrea and Chiara, two Sommelier originally from Piemonte met in 2013 because of music. Together, they spent two years in Napa Valley and Sonoma, California, and now are back to showcase the beauty of their countryside and home.

A unique collection of wines from Piemonte is shipped 3 times per year. These hand-crafted, small-production wines are hidden gems often hard to obtain without insider’s access. We are located in Alba, 15 minutes away from Barolo and Barbaresco. We always meet the producer and visit the winery first, selecting wines that stand out for their authenticity. We use our palate and our expertise to pick the best Piemonte has to offer, shipping directly to you.

Members will automatically receive the amount of wines selected three times per year.

Each shipment comes with a booklet about the wines, the area and the style of production.

Three different tiers or levels allow you to pick a yearly budget and the number of bottles in your shipment.


Three times per year (February, May, October) you will receive our unique collection of wines. A taste of Piemonte delivered straight to your door.

We always meet the producer and visit the winery first, selecting wines that stand out for their authenticity.
These hidden gems tell the story of our land and our people, the very essence of our terroir.

Select how many bottles per shipment you would like to receive.

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bottles per shipment

bottles per shipment

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Ca’ del Baio | Oddero | Azelia | Ermanno Costa | Alberto Burzi | Cascina Baricchi | L’Autin | Gianluca Colombo | Davide Chiesa | Nadia Verrua | Gianfranco Alessandria | Luigi Pira | Flavio Roddolo | Asotom | Giovanni Corino | Albino Rocca | Marcalberto | Pietro Rinaldi | Giovanni Rosso | Adriano Marco e Vittorio | 


Buying wine can be extremely difficult, especially in a region like ours. As a Oneonthehill Wine Club member, you have access to customized selection, anytime. 

Let us pick your favorite wine in 4 steps:

We like to develop a relationship, your personal taste is the most important thing to our selection.

You think of a budget for italian wine that needs to be added to your cellar.

We create your shipment together…
 It will be fun.

You get the wine straight to your door.
Easy, right?