We met for the first time in 2012, we were both a lot into music and somewhat into wine.
This man was at the time running l’Antichissima Osteria, one of the greatest wine places we have ever been to. Colorful, hidden in a corner of a small town, with the most intriguing cellar, Pietro would speak about wine in a way we had never experienced: the stories and the history of the family, the vineyards, the vintage, the grapes, it was never about technical data but always about a feeling, an idea or a small secret nobody could now. He is the guy who would ask you “How was your day?” at the entrance, and come to the table with no menu but the perfect glass for you in that specific moment.
Half wizard half poet, he would take something apparently ordinary and turn it into magic.
That’s where we really caught it, the wine bug.
Once you get it, it’ll never leave you, they say. For now, we are extremely grateful, and we think he should open a new place as soon as possible ?? @pietrocolbaff0