25/10/2020Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

We all love a great bottle of wine, and in the last 2 years we have worked hard to provide the best selection of producers from Piemonte: rare gems, classic labels and up-and-coming wine-makers. There is so much more to come.⁠ But a great bottle needs a great glass, so we decided to create something … Read More

Why the foliage?

23/10/2020Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Why the foliage? ⁠ ⁠ We all love fall colors and visiting wine country this time of the year is such an incredible experience, especially in places like Langhe where you can look at the vineyards with a plate of tajarin al tartufo under your nose. ⁠ ⁠Over summer, the leaves are green because they … Read More

Viti Vecchie

20/10/2020Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

iti vecchie. Why old-vine wines are better? During our recent tasting with Luca Roagna we discussed farming, vineyard management and terroir. If you look at his wine line-up, you’ll notice two main macro-areas: single vineyard expression and age of the vines, with the two being strictly connected. When the goal is showing the uniqueness of … Read More

Harvest 2020

14/10/2020Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Harvest is pretty much over here in Langhe, most grapes are already in vat and have begun their journey: they will patiently wait until someone will decide to pull that cork and enjoy a great glass of wine. Speaking with winemakers and living in the area I think it’s pretty safe to say that another … Read More

Truffle hunting!

13/10/2020Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting

What a fun 3 days with the Wicki family from Switzerland! Cooking class, truffle hunt and wine tour, we were able to share our love for Langhe and its food&wine culture. Here’s a photo with Renzo and Gigio, right after the truffle hunt. White truffles are ready, the vineyards are starting to show the entire … Read More

Alberto Olivero Collab!

01/10/2020Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting

We find beauty in friendship and in sharing our values. Born in Piemontese land, the partnership between Alberto Olivero and Oneonthehill is based on a profound respect for the land and a tailor-made, sustainable lifestyle. Beautiful things do not harm the planet. The farming and the artisanal heritage that surround us, built year after year, … Read More


11/09/2020Community, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

We are lucky to have a great group of friends in the area to share our passion with, we organize dinners, blind tastings, verticals during which we all learn from each other. Our friend Fabio, who is a lot into natural wine (on a island in Sicily working for a winery at the moment) brought … Read More


09/09/2020Community, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Have you had Luca Roagna yet? 5th generation producer from Barbaresco, the Roagna family has always farmed the land and made extremely classic wines, they are considered to be among the first pioneers of high-quality winemaking in Piemonte, if not in the country. We were invited to visit his cellar and it was a pleasure to … Read More


05/09/2020Community, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Terrific tasting last week at Palladino in Serralunga d’Alba, right off the square with the beautiful terrace for those of you who have been lucky enough to visit. It was one of the hottest days of the year and the appointment was at 3pm, but fortunately the cellar where Cappellano used to make his Barolo … Read More

Simone Scaletta

01/09/2020Community, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

The vast majority of producers in Piemonte sprouted from families that have pretty much always been in the area, farming and trying to survive, and now simply benefit from not having to purchase any land or a wine-making facility. Simone Scaletta had none of that: born in Torino and majored in Political Sciences, he decided … Read More


02/08/2020Community, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

In the last decade or so we’ve been witnessing the demand for a certain type of Barolo and Barbaresco producer, which collectors and wine lovers from all over the world seem to be seeking out. Call them “classic”, “traditional” or “historical” they all share an idea of integrity when it comes to winemaking principles, an … Read More