Portuguese wines

05/09/2021Community, Food, lifestyle, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

10.5% While the world heats up and vineyard growers in the warmest regions struggle to keep alcohol levels lower than grappa, the young, hip new wine scene demands the opposite: easy-drinking, dry, fruit forward, below 11% wines. Filipa Pato, winemaker, and William Wouters, Sommelier and Chef, are a husband and wife collaboration from Barraida, Portugal, … Read More

Rias Baixas

03/09/2021Community, Food, lifestyle, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

OCEAN RED – Tintos de Mar In the 1970s, most vintners in Rías Baixas (#Spain) were pulling up their old red grapevines to make way for more productive, more en vogue, grapes. Thankfully, the Méndez family was doing the exact opposite, planting more traditional vines, such as Caiño, Espadiero and Loureiro Tinto, as well as … Read More

Norway trip

01/08/2021Community, Food, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

As you could probably tell, we had an absolute blast in Norway this past week. It was our first time in the country and it exceeded all expectations: the food, the wine, the people AND the weather! This post is a thank you to all our Scandinavian friends who made us feel at home even … Read More

Bass Oslo

26/07/2021Community, Food, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

More Punk t-shirts and less white tablecloths? What a culinary revelation! Norway’s food and wine scene keeps surprising us! Oslo is a vibrant, modern city and we were very lucky to book an airbnb in Grünerløkka, the most hip area in the city. One of our absolute favorite restaurants was @bassoslo that puts together a … Read More

Osteria Tre Case

10/07/2021Community, Food, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

What’s your favorite Piemonte dish? Simple, flavourful and casual. Piemonte cuisine in Langhe has no rivals in delivering insane quality food next to some of the best wines you can think of. Last week we visited Osteria Tre Case in Serralunga to talk about our Youtube Vlog Episode, here’s an antipasto of what you’re about … Read More

The Club

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Which one would you drink first? THE WINE CLUB A unique collection of wines from Piemonte is shipped 3 times per year straight to your door. These hand-crafted, small-production wines are hidden gems often hard to obtain without insider’s access. We are located in Alba, 15 minutes away from Barolo and Barbaresco. We always meet … Read More


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What’s your favorite vintage of the decade? Popped one of these two bad boys last night and I can’t say I was disappointed. 2016 remains my favorite Barolo vintage of the decade (for now). The Burlotto family in particular did an outstanding job, the wines are vibrant, expressive and very elegant. I look forward to … Read More

Ant Restaurant

28/06/2021Community, Food, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

We went back to Ant restaurant in Novello, by far the most revolutionary cooking spot in Langhe right now. Watch out Youtube video for a full experience! Here’s the menu from our last visit, make sure you book your table because these two madmen are killing it 🤟🏻 1. Tempura pig ear. Nori. Togarashi mayonnaise. … Read More

Brunello di Montalcino

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Favorite Brunello di Montalcino? Great Brunello tasting @enotecalafortezza a few days ago, which remains one of the best spots in Montalcino for a Sangiovese dive. Me and @nic_solimeo sat down at 10AM like we meant business and super Sergio took great care of us as he normally does. Which bottle did you think we enjoyed … Read More

Luigi Pira

10/06/2021Community, Food, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

POWER VINTAGE Our most recent Flash Sale featured a pretty sweet deal on Luigi Pira’s wines, with some Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Barbera in one box and a mix of their single vineyard Barolo in another. I’ve had the 2017 Barolo for a while now and some are way too heavy and tired. It was a … Read More


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Perno is a small hamlet in the heart of the Barolo valley, its beautiful and somewhat secretive castle is a very important piece for Italian literature. During the 20th century, it hosted the Einaudi publishing company and it was the literary retreat of some of the most important writers such as Calvino, Pavese and Primo … Read More

Canary Islands’ wines!

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Rock’n’roll wines from the Canary Islands 🤟🏻 Name the first rock’n’roll winery that comes to mind! In our most recent Flash Sale we featured Envínate wines (aka wine-yourself), the result of four friends who met while studying oenology at the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante. Their work is currently focused on exploring the ancient, … Read More