Alberto Oggero

17/12/2020Community, Food, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Alberto Oggero Roero 2018 How much Roero have you had recently? Any favorite producer in mind? We’ve been walking around some pretty steep sandy hills lately for our 2021 selection and damn these guys are rocking! Young blood, fresh ideas and a lot of dedication, a new wave of exceptional winemakers and farmers is on … Read More

First restaurant in months!

16/12/2020Community, Food, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Name your favorite restaurant and dish in Piemonte 👨🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳 Yesterday we finally enjoyed a delicious lunch out after weeks of lockdown measures. The first place we went to is Argaj in Castiglione Falletto, where Andrea and Valentina do an excellent job in offering a super fresh menu that combines tradition with modern cuisine. The wine … Read More


01/03/2020Community, Food, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

EVERYONE YOU WILL EVER MEET KNOWS SOMETHING YOU DON’T As you probably already know, we like to take care of our Wine Club members when they come visit our homeland, and there is no better moment for me than when I get to sit and talk about it. Sharing the tiny bit of knowledge that … Read More

Scarpa winery

04/02/2020Community, Food, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

What a great hospitality @scarpawine. We knew only some of the wines from previous tastings and restaurant adventures, so we decided to pay them a visit to introduce our Wine Club project. This was the line up: ⁣ ⁣ Barbera – Cascina scarpa 2016⁣ Barbera – La Bogliona 2012⁣ Brachetto – La selva di Moirano … Read More

Wine Bug

01/02/2020Community, Food, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

We met for the first time in 2012, we were both a lot into music and somewhat into wine. This man was at the time running l’Antichissima Osteria, one of the greatest wine places we have ever been to. Colorful, hidden in a corner of a small town, with the most intriguing cellar, Pietro would … Read More

Barolo Night

30/11/2019California, Community, Food, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

We took some photos to show the rest of the world what our Wine Club members in California have been enjoying these last couple of weeks. This was the first edition of the Barolo Night, an incredible, fun soirée with Matteo as the Chef and myself as the Somm. Second edition? December 2019 Check out … Read More

Piazza Duomo – 3 Michelin Stars

04/10/2019Community, Food, WineClub, Winetasting

FINE DINING ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ With currently 39 Michelin Star restaurants, and most of them around the city of Alba, Piedmont is certainly a fine-dining destination. The star among the stars is Piazza Duomo (top 50 in the world) where chef Enrico Crippa entertains people from all over the world with its creations. ⁣⠀ The entrance … Read More

Fletcher wines

17/09/2019Community, Food, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

THINKING OUT OF THE BOX⁣ “Hey you’ve got an American accent” – “And you gotta be from Australia”. These were the first words I exchanged with Dave Fletcher at his unique winery, built in the old train station of Barbaresco. ⁣ We saw immediately a connection between our stories, both harbingers of new ideas to … Read More

The vines of San Lorenzo, Gaja winery

04/08/2019Community, Food, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Edward Steinberg’s book tells the fascinating story of Angelo Gaja, probably one of the most famous wine producers in the world, responsible for turning Barbaresco wine into a celebrity. At the same time, it follows the whole production of a single-vineyard bottle with great precision without being too technical. ⁣ Among the best quotes you’ll … Read More

Aurelio Settimo

17/07/2019Community, Food, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

What a spectacular bottle this was! Aurelio Settimo is a small winery in the hamlet of Annunziata in the Barolo region. This Rocche dell’Annunziata Riserva 09 gave me the impression of being is such a sweet spot that the bottle almost thanked me for opening it. Fresh, ripe, supple, with rich but smooth tannins, oak … Read More


08/06/2019Community, Food, Travel, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Amazing experience at Valdisole Winery yesterday, a brand new project born in the Roero hills out of Giuseppe Amato’s creativity. Giuseppe’s approach to winemaking is where natural wine and Sommelier skills meet. “Natural wine” is all he does, but nothing is released unless it is technically and professionally approved. The wines are very clean and … Read More