Terroir’s poetry

05/03/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting

Terroir’s poetry When I met Pier, 8 years ago, the first question I asked him was: “do you like wine?” Luckily he said yes (if he would have said no, I’m sure we would not be here now 😂). We embarked on a wine adventure sharing a common idea: wine was never something that had … Read More


01/03/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

From our most recent Flash Sale: Arianna Occhipinti “The 68 is county road like many others, but with a special past. It was once a stone narrow path; three thousand years ago it connected Gela to Kamarina, it travelled- as it still does – through the Cerasuolo di Vittoria roads hills and from Caltagirone continued … Read More

Ca’ del Baio Youtube Episode

18/02/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

💥🍷🎥 NEW EPISODE 🎥🍷💥 In this episode we take you with us to @cadelbaio, one of the very first wineries we selected for our Wine Club. A gorgeous property, incredible wines and a great great family. We are happy and grateful to be able to call them friends. Tune in, subscribe and enjoy the vlog! … Read More

Youtube adventure

16/02/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Is there anything you’d like to see on our YouTube channel? This new YouTube adventure has been really fun so far, it’s an opportunity to dig deeper into this beautiful country, with its stories and its secrets, old and new. There is so much content sometimes it’s hard to pick! We’re working on more winery … Read More

Ester Canale Barolo

08/02/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

When we think of Barolo’s best vineyards, one of the first ones that comes to mind is Vigna Rionda, a narrow strip of limestone facing south, just outside the Serralunga d’Alba village. Some of the great names contributed to the fame of this very precious piece of land: Bruno Giacosa, Pira, Oddero, Massolino. Over the … Read More

Flavio Roddolo

03/02/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

What was your very first winery? Yesterday we paid a visit to Flavio Roddolo to pick up our Barolo allocation. Flavio was our first winery visit many years ago during our Somm training, we love his wines and going back to his cascina in Monforte d’Alba feels special every time. We’re older, more experienced and … Read More

An Ode to Nebbiolo

01/02/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

An Ode to Nebbiolo It you had one grape to pick for your vineyard, which one would it be? I guess we all have to be thankful for Nebbiolo here in Piemonte for making this area one of the best winemaking regions in the world. There is no great wine without a great grape, and … Read More


27/01/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

We are blind tasting a lot these days, mostly on our own, to challenge our skills but also to really taste the wines that producers from all over decide to kindly share with us. Chiara tasted this Valfaccenda Roero 2016 and said something like “It’s Nebbiolo, it has the finesse and the elegance of La … Read More

Riesling – Kamm winery

20/01/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Our buddy Nicola brought us this Grand Cru from Alsace last night, a riesling named Frankstein from Kamm winery. The Route des Vins d’Alsace is a long strip of French territory, about 110 km long, set between the Rhine river and the Vosges mountains. It’s in close contact with the German border, territory to which … Read More

Ridge Montebello

13/01/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

ICONIC Missing California? Nothing can help you better than a bottle of Montebello and ribeye. We were feeling second-home-sick last night so we decided to dig this guy out of our west coast cellar. Monte Bello has often been called America’s First Growth, as it is the finest US example of a classic Bordeaux blend … Read More

Oneonthehill Youtube Channel

10/01/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

💥🍷🎥 NEW EPISODE 🎥🍷💥 We visited Coppo winery, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Join us with our good friend Luigi Coppo in a tour of the vineyards and their gorgeous winery. This is our very first YouTube video, click on the link and show us some love 🍷❤️🙏🏻 #oneonthehill #vlog #youtube #coppo https://youtu.be/2CbPnZwW8fc  

Tenuta Foresto

01/01/2021Community, lifestyle, WineClub, Winetasting, WineTour

Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the Grapes” “Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked ‘Oh, you aren’t even ripe yet! I don’t need any sour grapes” We find this … Read More