When the European wine world thinks of Chardonnay, the narrow strip of land north of Lyon immediately comes to mind, for obvious reasons. ⁠

But Chardonnay is also one of the most widely planted grape varietals in the world, which often means poor, if not terrible, quality. ⁠

Our friend Valentina @CadelBaio started working on her own Chardonnay project after her experience in Burgundy, an experimental version that mixes french winemaking style with the Barbaresco terroir. ⁠

I consider myself super lucky to have tasted the “playful experiment”, as she calls it, from the get go, when Valentina was still arguing with his dad Giulio about batonnage and barrel fermentation. Revisiting the 2018 bottle a couple of days ago was a pleasant experience, not only for the quality of the wine, which is one of the best Chardonnay I have tasted, but for the confirmation that great, young and passionate winemakers are growing in Langhe, despite what their parents may have accomplished before them. Being a part of it is an absolute blessing.⁠

Mineral, creamy, toasted notes, with great acidity and mouthfeel, this Unfiltered version of the Chardonnay “Sermine” is one of those gems we like to include in our Wine Club selection. 1000 bottles are produced only in the best years, join us to grab some. ⁠

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