We went back to Ant restaurant in Novello, by far the most revolutionary cooking spot in Langhe right now. Watch out Youtube video for a full experience!

Here’s the menu from our last visit, make sure you book your table because these two madmen are killing it 🤟🏻

1. Tempura pig ear. Nori. Togarashi mayonnaise.

2. Agebitashi (marinated eggplant and daikon).

3. Octopus and smoked scallop. Pickled strawberry and watermelon rind. Lap Cheong. Tomato dashi.

4. Grilled, miso glazed tripe. Bone marrow cracker. Cucumber and enoki in kimchi brine.

5. Pork cheek. Soy egg yolk. Bok choy.

6. Beef filet. Sweet potato. Shiitake. Mirin and green bean.

7. Peach roasted in fig leaf with sake and ginger. Whey ice cream. Chickpea kinako.

8. Black locust cannolo. Rose cream. Matcha. Shiso.